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Is Employee Ownership a Right or a Privilege for Sustainable Businesses?

This portion of our website is about our commitment to pro bono salons.  We truly place deep value in conversations.

Jerry and I co-live here at Dog & Catmandu. If you are going to join us here for quite possibly one of the most important discussions ever around your business or chosen form of activism you should look behind the curtain to who you are sharing with? Our values should matter to you. Normally I never post linked articles here. In this case, it does such a wonderful job of sharing who Jerry is I chose to make an exception. This is particularly important if you share our passion for everyone having a piece of the pie.

Enjoy Is Employee Ownership a Right or a Privilege for Sustainable Businesses?

We look forward to discussing hosting you here at a Dog & Catmandu Salon.

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Our ideal client a story 25 yrs in the making

Recently we had a fantastic meeting with Ideas42  They provide deep science-based thought leadership on behavioral design. Here is a quote from their website: “We envision a world where financial products, services, and programs are behaviorally-informed, and designed to meet the needs of people of all socio-economic statuses, ages, races, and genders so that theyRead More…

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Business terms of the new economy

A big thank you to Social Change Central an Australian organization for compiling this list of terms. I have often joked in my public speaking engagements that I work in the world of adjectives. By list below maybe you too will enjoy that small effort at humor. A couple they missed include the ever-presentRead More…

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Council Fire Salon

As should be clear from this section of our website we love deep important conversation on the cutting edge of the new economy.

Back in late May, I noticed that Holly Fowler from Council Fire a certified B Corps and a Maryland Benefit Corp  had posted on the member-only internal B Corps social media site the B Hive with a question about employee ownership.

This is right in our wheelhouse here at Dog & Catmandu with Jerry’s 30 years of running a triple bottom employee-owned company and having executed a successful exit and our collective 80 years of diverse business experience.

I reached out to Holly and George and several emails later and an introductory phone call we arranged a date for a Salon Day here at Dog & Catmandu.

That Thursday was a beautiful day and thankfully amazingly comfortable temperatures in the gazebro (see pictures). Arriving right on time, we helped our three guests (George and Holly brought along a wonderful MBA intern that had been doing employee ownership research) transition from a couple-hour car ride with a brief walkabout Dog & Catmandu. They seem to really get the spiritual and magical energy here. Simply perfect for the nature of the ensuing conversation.

After a brief guided meditation to “bring everyone into the room” we did an introductory round of how everyone was feeling. Enthusiasm and gratitude ruled the day.

Now we got down to the meat of the day. Now I know you out there in blog reader land are waiting for me to dish the dirt on a cool company. Just like your therapist does not dish your dirt we don’t dish on our friends. As the saying goes what happens at Dog & Catmandu stays at Dog & Catmandu.

I would like to have a moment to sing Council Fires praise. We loved their values and deep commitment to having an impact in the world of sustainability. They are already highly committed and yet are constantly scanning for ways to be better. An inspiration to us all. I don’t know of a smarter team anywhere. They got their start twenty years ago doing water work in the Chesapeake Bay and while that work continues, they now do projects globally. One business extension that is growing rapidly for them is communications and storytelling. Their NGO and government clients have realized the limits of science alone are not as effective as if they are able to effectively engage all their stakeholders. Council Fire is one of the few companies able to do the deep science work as well as meet the storytelling needs that science requires to be effective in a multistakeholder world. Impressive folks, we were blessed to engage with.

Council Fire Salon Photo 2 AG1 7 22 21
Jerry and the dogs are always the centers of attention.
Council Fire Salon Photo 1 AG1 7 222 21
Holly and George absorbing some wisdom









What I will share are some themes that are relevant to most organizations out there. Founder syndrome is ubiquitous in the business community triple bottom line company or not.

Positive change comes easier when you are on an upswing. Do not wait to get an outside perspective before you need it.

Strategy is huge your job is bigger than your to-do list.

 Your product or service is not all you need to pay attention to, your ‘company” is the finance, accounting, sale & marketing, leadership, and people. This is the foundation that supports your product. It needs your care and feeding.

Selfcare and a personal growth agenda are vital as is time off.

All easy to say and not easy to do. It’s important to get help.

Over the course of the day, we deeply explored employee ownership and much more. I procured the lunch, snacks, and beverages we provided from our local locally owned health food supermarket. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, I know I did, we finished the leftovers for dinner.

I can say with 100% certainty that the time you spend in conversation with us here at Dog & Catmandu will have a deep impact on your organization.

Reach out and say hi. We are very friendly and open.







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