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A note on the new economy: In the past 10 years, the pace of change has made organization leaders’ heads spin. We are not only referring to technology but social change as well. And that pace will only accelerate this decade.

Looking forward, any business that is not aggressively putting at the core of their purpose addressing the challenges that are threatening humanity and the environment will be, if not out of business by decade’s end, severely hobbled and unable to successfully compete.

Your customers are awakening and your survival means matching their new awareness. The challenge for organizations is finding a new way of being, a new way of navigating these uncharted waters. Many of the structures, business models and processes that will succeed in the future have not been invented yet or are largely untested. What has worked in the past will only partially contribute to your future success.

What is a leader to do? Your why, your purpose is critical. Values never go out of date. Radical clarity will bring positive results. Transparency sells.

The ability to innovate, adapt and be resilient is crucial.

Some areas in which we can help you innovate:

Business  Strategy

  • Collaborative business partnerships
  • For-profit/non-profit blended models/social enterprises
  • Triple bottom line/regenerative/B Corp implementation strategies
  • Collaboration platforms/co-op strategies
  • Anchor Eds & Meds community collaborations
  • Exit planning/generational change
  • Transparency as a competitive advantage
  • Innovative capital formation model
  • Philanthropic strategy
  • Strategic plans

Leadership Training

  • Enlightened leadership development, trust, collaboration
  • Your purpose; your why; your vision, mission, and values
  • Planning for and achieving radical clarity
  • Employee ownership ESOP/Co-op planning
  • Board development & recruitment
  • Executive coaching and mentoring

Organizational Development

  • Training your organization’s team members to work in sync
  • Team capacity building, deep listening
  • Radical self-care & team development
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Public speaking

Many folks have heard the terms peak performance and flow. Often these principles are applied to high-performing athletes, musicians, and sometimes individual business leaders. Please stay tuned for our new product release, The Vatex Process for Organizational Coherence.

and upcoming important announcements.

You will always have clarity on our work process, timeline, costs, and outcomes. We guarantee our results; we will continue working until you are satisfied.

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True Confession Sharon Rowe

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