Save the date for an inaugural Regenerative networking event

Participate in the wisdom of a community gathering with shared values. Be stimulated, maybe this is where your next big innovation starts.

Regenerative business is defined: As a business committing and going beyond doing less bad and proactively working to repair the harm that has already been done.

Who: Leaders working in the regenerative space

What: A monthly networking event for Regenerative Business Leaders

Where: Kava Club 1529 W. West Main St Richmond  A wonderful like-minded mission-aligned host. 

When: Wednesday, April, 24th 6-8 PM (always the last Wednesday of the month)

Description with some adjectives that may apply to you: Leader, founder, senior manager, activist, changemaker, advisor, and/or a consultant at B Corps, and those who define themselves as being corporate socially responsible, green business, social enterprises, social ventures, triple bottom line, etc. Non-profits and civic leaders are welcome. This is a community that values the environment, DEI, employee ownership, localism, community financing, philanthropy, public policy and so much more.

Please feel free to share this invitation with like-minded values values-aligned friends & colleagues.

Co-sponsored by:

Story Tellers Channel

Alchemy LLC

Foundation for Family and Community Healing

This event is a labor of love. Let us know if you do not wish to be included in future invitations and we will remove you. Please be patient if we are imperfect.

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