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Ajax’s Story

Thought leader, speaker, serial social entrepreneur, mindful business advisor, and regenerative business evangelist.

Ajax is a polymath who has synergized being a world-class athlete and a successful business leader with a 40-year meditation practice into a focused mission to bring coherence to the global economy one person and one organization at a time.

He believes coherence is the foundation that human and business success is built on (see blog and podcast for a much deeper exploration of coherence). Peak performance and flow are terms often associated with this higher level of human and team performance.

Prior to his business career, Ajax was a world-class rock climber and outdoor adventure athlete. He remains active today.

Among Ajax’s many successes he has developed two multimillion-dollar athletic clubs from the ground up and did a turnaround for another. He has started two manufacturing companies. As president, he grew a healthcare company from $7.5 million in revenue to $15 million in revenue well over doubling profits. Another healthcare company provided patient, provider, and physician education on behalf of pharmaceutical clients. He has executed several senior interim management roles.

Since 1994 Ajax has worked exclusively with triple bottom line businesses and values-led non-profits. In 2012 he founded a regional non-profit focused on localism and triple bottom line economic development. As an advisor, he has added value to numerous organizations across a broad array of industries. Ajax is a proven catalyst of several industry changing innovations.

Ajax has been active with the Social Venture Network (now Social Venture Circle), Balle (now Common Future), Green America, American Sustainable Business Council.


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