Why is Wisdom Important to your Organization?

Such obvious questions and yet as is often the case if you have read any of our writings before you are aware we have an original take on the best path to success.


Let’s start with the idea of control. A concept huge numbers of folks are seduced by, the feeling of safety they feel when they perceive they are in control of a situation. Let’s briefly examine these feelings.

The reality is we can only control our reactions to people and situations as they arise. No one I know planned the Covid Pandemic. Yet millions of leaders are being forced to react to it at the moment as it unfolds. The data is constantly changing requires these leaders to adapt on the fly.

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Let’s look at an abbreviated list of three specific challenges that leaders today are dealing with that influence their feelings of control and probably didn’t exist with such intensity five or more years ago. Before discussing the list let’s get clear. Experience is vital and yet time on the planet alone does not = wisdom. Wisdom understands the limits of control and what to do about it.

Many folks live unintentionally. The life experiences they accumulate do not result in their accumulating significant amounts of wisdom. The control they feel is unfounded and not real they are operating with a perceived illusion.

Is your team unintentional with their work experiences? Are you?

Now for the list and let’s remember this is not meant to be exhaustive.

Let’s start with your customers and their values. There is now a tidal wave of demand wanting to do business based on that company’s values. Youth may be leading this trend, and yet older demographics are paying attention and their passion can’t be ignored either. Depending on the survey and how the question is asked MANY surveys show 60-90% support for the driving trend. One recent Inc Magazine article had a highlighted quote “If you’re your business plan does not address the environment you don’t have a business plan”. Another recent article referred to the importance of diversity and social justice. These 2 big areas could be broadly under the umbrella of purpose. What is your company’s purpose? This pressure on businesses addressing these values has been growing for decades, and yet is only now really reaching a crescendo. For decades old economy business leaders have pooh-poohed these changes. They do so now at their peril, the new economy is here.  

Remember wisdom is in part how we can observe, integrate, and proactively react to changes in the marketplace. My experience is that those who dismiss market evolution are living unintentionally in several areas of their life and are facing consequents in their life not just in business.

So many of the headlines these days are about the great resignation. For decades in my opinion many (clearly not all) employers have treated their employees as commodities and not as human beings. What we are experiencing today are millions of employees saying enough I am done with poor pay, worse benefits, and a true lack of respect. Even if they are not quitting, they are asserting their own agency in how they show up. Yikes, clearly many companies are being overwhelmed by the pace of change. Wisdom knows we can be better.


Public policy is the final area that is bringing huge sweeping changes to many businesses. From changes in how we get the electricity to power our businesses, destructive land-use practices,  minimum wage to living wages, benefits, and more environmental and social crises driven by business activity are getting our regulator’s attention.



The primary point of this post is the landscape your business is operating in is evolving quickly and not in a historically predictable manner.

Coherence=Wisdom. What wisdom brings to your business is expanded resilience, more creativity, enhanced innovation, reduced stress, higher moral reasoning, and deeper wells of energy.

Acquiring wisdom is available to everyone. It is not an overnight solution.

Our culture has a short-termism crisis. Most businesses think quarter to quarter. If I don’t get results today, why bother. And we wonder why we are in crisis everywhere at every level.

In my opinion brain coherence = wisdom. We individually feel better as our wisdom grows. Our results in life improve. Not overnight, and yet each day things get a little better. As someone who has been pursuing this path for many decades, I blow myself away by the subtle yet profound changes in my life. My role is to stimulate people like you to take another step on your path. Don’t just take my word for it, do your own research. Science and millions of people are happy to share their experiences.

Please stop back here regularly this blog and soon a podcast are aimed at the intersection of wisdom, effective business, and success.

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