The New Now

It all got started when my dear friend Stephen and I spent a day cross-country skiing together. The conversation that beautiful day ranged from deeply spiritual to our shared interests in the new multi-stakeholder economy we both envision. It was fun and informative for both of us.

Then the idea came: “what if we did this monthly and invited other interesting people?” That was the genesis of a program that has been running for nearly 30 months, as of 6/21, on a monthly basis. Imagine a room full of entrepreneurs, Buddhist scholars, meditators and yogis, attorneys, financial innovators of alternative energy projects, inventors of an alternative currency, a Quaker, indigenous people, and just ordinary interesting people in deep discussion about important issues facing humanity.

I normally provide a topic as a starting point (ahead of time, if I am organized) and the conversation evolves from there. Everyone participates according to their comfort level. There are few rules, as everyone that has participated so far has been kind and respectful. For many of us, peer-to-peer learning is both educational and fun.

What: A monthly (roughly) 2-hour discussion salon on Zoom.

When: The 4th Thursday of each month 7-9 pm (EST)

How: To be added to the invitation list for the ZOOM Link, contact us.

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