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What will it take to for you as a leader to “succeed” in 2022? My use of quotes around success relates to the idea that we need to broaden our standard definition of what success is beyond just our fiscal goals. Another word with similar baggage in business is “growth”. There are many ways to succeed and grow that can be deeply rewarding that don’t necessarily involve money. As business people, we are trained to have a mono focus on the bottom line. Yet success can come in the form of being to finally afford to pay 100% of your entire team’s healthcare coverage. Growth can come by operating more efficiently so even though your top line stays the same your company is throwing off more profits. Growth can be deeply personal, as reflected by your team’s appreciation expressed at your company retreat at the investment you have made in them. Leaders in 2022 will define growth and success far more broadly. In a time of great realignment (resignation), this broader view will pay off in spades.

How to implement the above? Write it down. This is ancient wisdom for leaders.

Every year starting sometimes as early as mid-December accelerating between the holidays, I have a semi-formal process I go through.

I think some about the year just passed, I consult the stars for what I perceive the energy might be in the coming year and I start writing. There is often overlap from previous years. I focus on having a whole life, not just business I include my personal inner work. If you have employees, it is worth doing similar engaging them for the business. Here I am more focused on you as an individual leader.  

Some call this goal setting. I have somewhat moved away from the idea of goals, a specific number by a specific date. I still do some of that. For example, like so many people I have a specific weight loss goal by a certain date. The math suggests if I burn 200 more calories a day than I eat, I will achieve my goal. It sounds reasonable to me, yet life is never that linear. I am prepared for the roller coaster life is sure to deliver. In general, my thoughts are captured as intentions. I am trying to instill in myself a new way of being. Impossible to measure, yet I know it when I experience it in a sustained way over time. Too many leaders try to fake it, real leadership is a way of being. It is not a coat you put on or take off based on convenience.

The question is who do you want to be? What will you do to be that person? The crux is getting out of our comfort zone. This is often where external advisor help is valuable. Growth comes most powerfully in those uncomfortable moments. I am really working on sitting and being present during these painful growth opportunities.

In my strong opinion if it is not written down it is just a fantasy. In my observation, just about everyone needs more clarity in their lives. This has almost become a mantra for me. All my clients hear it. Write it down. How can you refer back to it for progress check-ins if your intentions are not written down? How can you share your personal business intentions with your team if they are not written down?

I like keeping it simple with a limited number of main themes I can memorize and then some sub details for my reviews.

This connects to my comments above, as we open up our definitions of success and growth, we make room for being fuller more content human beings. It is my observation society has trained us to believe that when we reach that certain economic sweet spot our lives will fall into place. My experience has been that the economic sweet spot keeps changing from both external as well as internal factors. I very clearly remember being in my 20’s thinking wow, if I could just make $2000 a month that would be heavenly.

Clearly, that number doesn’t work today. What I have discovered is doing deep inner work has replaced my need for a number and instead, I am much more focused on having a positive flow in my life. It brings much more equanimity and contentment. Flow connects wisdom to action.

This leads to my final connected theme for this 2022 blog post be a movement.

Now I will show my age by mentioning the fads of my youth super balls, bell bottoms, wide and skinny ties, and so many others. Then there are trends. When Blackberry became widely adopted it was a trend showing smartphones were here to stay, yet Apple releasing the iPhone turned that trend into a movement.

Right now sustainability, Black Lives Matter, living wages for humane jobs, equal pay for equal work, and many others are movements that are not going away. They may take a beating, yet there are here to stay. If you want to grow and succeed with your intentions? Hook your wagon to a movement(s) that you feel deeply about. I have said countless times values are here to stay and provide us an anchor in turbulent times.   

2021 has felt like if the world was a game board the universe has picked up the board and tossed all the pieces in the air. Some will not land back on the board at all, some will land in a perfect position most will be wondering where they are when they do land. In 2022 and beyond doing deep inner work that brings forth our wisdom=flow is certain to hold us in good stead.    

Are your 2022 plans based in Wisdom?
Are your 2022 plans based on Wisdom?

Intentions of rethought growth and success all connected to a movement are the formula. Coherence=Wisdom are the daily tactics. As described in several of our blog posts mindfulness and meditation are at top of the list of 10 activities we recommend as daily practices. The data is overwhelming and in addition, people’s personal testimonials including my own are overwhelming positive.

Even if Omicron subsides and the economy continues its terrific trends, we will face a challenging 2022. Humanities’ current divisions threatening democracy are not going away. Please remember business does best in a healthy democracy. Climate change and environmental challenges, social justice issues are not going anywhere any time soon. They are worth your attention.

Wisdom suggests and history has shown times of big disruptions are times of big opportunity.

 When you do your intentions do, they include daily tactics that enhance your resilience, your creativity, your health, your ability to focus?

Do your definitions of success and growth include tackling a portion of humanity’s biggest challenges?

Leadership 2022 to me is an exciting opportunity, yet not for the faint of heart. I find when I am tackling huge challenges not doing it alone is key. Even if you own your company alone, do your advisors fully support who you are and who you intend to become? Is your team on board? Do you are a written strategy everyone can “buy” into? Remember clarity?

Who do you choose to be in 2022? Who will you partner with? Do your need additional resources? 

The path is meditation=coherence=wisdom=flow=movement

What can the Coherence Collaborative do to help you get on the path?


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