Why We Seek Coherence in Business

Several years ago, I was having coffee with a dear friend who is a Buddhist scholar and a local new economy thought leader. At the time I was in the process of brainstorming a new brand for a collaborative project I was working on with a group friends and new economy business leaders. Like myself, these people utilize mindfulness techniques and are leaders recognizing the importance of conscious business.

As our discussion continued I looked upward and dramatically raised my arm and said what we need in reference to society is more coherence. It hit me like lightening this was important. Randomly the very next day I come across a quote from John Hagelin who is the leader of the Transcendental Meditation movement in the United States and is president of the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa and a Harvard trained Ph.D. in physics (I have been doing a twice a day TM meditation practice since 1980). The quote goes: 

“When we meditate, we get coherence, from coherence we get wisdom.”

– John Hagelin

That hit me like a brick. Wisdom is not just time on the planet. It is something we can proactively seek out and acquire. Most importantly wisdom impacts what we all want in the world.

Can you say enhanced business results?

That collaboration never quite took off as hoped, but during that time I did about 150 pages of research on my experiences with coherence and the science behind it. This blog in part will take advantage of that research. 

COVID did not exist when I did the book research, but I feel 100% safe in saying the societal and business disruption we are all experiencing is at a multi-generational high. Fasten your seat belt! As leaders responsible for our organizational strategy how do we remain grounded, yet forward thinking; resilient yet innovative? This is why the Coherence Collaborative exists. 

With our unique chemistry and experiences Steve and I through this blog, through the Coherence Conversations podcast where we interview leading CEO’s and organizational thought leaders who have a mindful approach to business as well as our speaking engagements, workshops and advisory work, we will help guide organizations through the disruptions to a better place.

– Ajax

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