Vision, Mission & Values

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Vision: We seek to transform the economy to be more conscious and sustainable.
Mission: We guide organizations to achieve values-based results.

Commitment: We seek to be the very best - we commit to accomplish and adopt our clients’ interests and objectives as our own.

Multi-stakeholder model: Organizations that engage their clients, employees, vendors, investors, management, the communities where they live and work, and put equal emphasis on its people, the planet and prosperity.

Financial sustainability: By being profitable, we are sustainable as a business, and we can achieve our goal of significant philanthropy to organizations we are passionate about. Only if we and our clients thrive as businesses will we make progress on our values. 

Innovation: Utilizing our forward-thinking and cutting-edge work processes, we commit to achieving important, tangible, and useful results.

Diversity: We believe in healthy diversity in all organizations.

Advocacy : Our purpose is to bring wisdom-based consciousness to the organizations we serve.

Our corporate entity is both a founding NYS benefit corporation and a
founding certified B Corporation by B-lab.

Our current commitment to philanthropy is to donate 2% of our
gross income to social and environmental organizations.