The Great Unraveling or the why behind our work

The Great Unraveling (Meta Crisis), is listing the 28 poly-crisis on my personal list. Please note these are buckets often overlapping with other poly-crisis and sometimes wrapping several related issues in one bucket. 

 Environmental poly-crises (10)

Climate change (carbon) (challenges of economic shift) *

Species collapse*

Water (droughts, floods, poor quality, sea-level rise), sinking land *

Land use policies (extraction, over-farming, mono-cropping, overbuilding)*

Increasing challenging/diminishing access to natural resources used in supply chains*

Waste management (Nuclear and solid, composting) *

Plastic crisis*

Air pollution*

Natural disasters (increased storms, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires)

Pandemics (unforeseen new diseases)

Social poly-crisis (18)

Income inequality/poverty*

Economic/business change/collapse*

Social inequality (race, gender, etc.)*

Failing healthcare system*

Food system*

Housing shortage & affordability*

Care crisis (demographic shifts) *

Technology (AI, robots, etc.) *

War/Nuclear/violence (still here and very disruptive)

Social division (we value money over life, short-termism, authoritarianism) crisis of democracy, truthiness)

Education (costs & value of college, public school quality)

Guns/mass shootings/crime*

Birth rates (voluntary childlessness, infertility)

Global and national debt*

 Employment shortage/Medicare/SS crunch (demographic shifts)*

Human mass migrations

Complexity, misinformation, and trust in institutions, problem-solving, and decision-making*

Mental health and loneliness epidemic


*Denotes the 16 poly-crises primarily driven by our economic system and business activity.

This is why my life’s purpose is devoted to reinventing the way we do business.

In the face of these overwhelming challenges, I remain very hopeful for the future. Coherence is the path.

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