Some latest B Corp stats from B lab from a presentation

As of August 2023 (unless noted)

7351 Certified B Corps globally

528,895 employees (2022)

92 Countries

~50 publically traded

250,000 B Impact users with 42 million employees

15,000 Benefit Corporation (globally)

22 Academic papers published in 2022 (growing exponentially)

2.5x more likely to be carbon neutral

2.2x more likely to reduce life waste

2.2x more likely to access their end-of-life waste

1.5x To be zero waste

1.5x more likely to implement water conservation

4.7x More likely to supplier diversity

2.0x more likely to grant stock or equivalents to employees

1.8x more likely to do pay equity reviews

1.6 more likely to haveĀ  a diverse board

1.4x more likely to have a 5:1 low to high pay ratio

1.1x more likely to pay a family living wage

Notable B Corporations include:

Ben & Jerry’s
Danone North America
Jeni’s Ice Cream
Laureate Education
Meow Wolf
Natura & Co
Patagonia, Inc.
Seventh Generation Inc.
The Body Shop

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