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As much as we embrace best practices, we believe every situation is unique and consequently, all of our solutions are custom-designed to meet your needs. We seek to support your forward-thinking innovation, values, and financial success. 

We can engage in any topic, as seen in the pages above, with you individually or as a seminar, whether your organization is a for-profit, nonprofit, foundation, or economic development agency. If you don't see what you need, please ask.

Below you will find the list of industries we collectively have hands-on experience.

Our first working meeting is complimentary, during which we explore your needs and exchange ideas.

Our rates are customized to each situation, whether project-based or by retainer.

Services are available in English, French, or both.

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Agriculture (small vegetable & fruit farms, horse farms, organic and regenerative growing practices)
Alcohol & beverages
Arts & culture (art production, galleries, venues, artisans, artists, musicians, cinematography, photograph, theater, entertainment)
Clean energy
Consumer electronics & appliances
Direct marketing (e-commerce, direct response)
Distribution (consumer and industrial products)
E-commerce (yoga products, green products)
Education (online courses, STEAM, higher ed)
Environmental services
Facilitation / mediation
Faith-based communities
Fashion (apparel)
Financial services (banking, financial planners, CPA, accounting)
Health fitness & wellness (athletic clubs, fitness centers, yoga, indoor rock climbing, nutritionists)
Insurance & legal
Leasing (small ticket)
Leisure and hospitality (tourism, accommodations, restaurants, outdoors guiding, recreation, cinemas, hotel, restaurant, adventure travel)
Manufacturing (high-end outdoor products/clothing, fitness, composting)
Marketing (advertising, branding, media, communications)
Nonprofits, Foundations, Social Sector, Communities of Faith, & Civic Organizations
Nutrition Products (dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, medicinal herbs)
Packaged goods
Pharmaceuticals & pharmacies
Philanthropy (Funds, Trusts and other Financial Vehicles)
Real estate (architecture, green building finance, solar installation, finance, construction, solar installation)
Retail & wholesale (cooperatives, green products, chocolate, food, gifts, groceries, e-commerce, pharmacy, nurseries, eye-wear, skin care)
Services (garages, nursing facility, day care providers, medical clinics)
Social Enterprise/B Corps
Technology (emerging, IT, IoT, software, app development, internet provider, software as a service, UX/UI)
Telecom & datacom
Waste management (waste hauler, composting)