Seven Reasons to Attend Wisdom Quest for Leaders

Wisdom Quest for Leaders: a Retreat to Connect, Regenerate, and Create impact
October 16-18, 2017 at the Garrison Institute


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1. Go deep

The deeper you go inside, the further your life propels on the outside, in your professional as well as your personal life. This retreat offers ample opportunities to connect with your most intimate self, to examine your purpose, challenges, gifts, and inner wisdom.

Wisdom Quest is about creating a foundation to help leaders implement change in their organization, industries, and/or communities.

Join us in this growing movement of exploration, personal and economic growth, and sustainable expansion.

2. It's about the people.

Quality vs. quantity: We're bringing together an illustrious, interesting mix of social entrepreneurs, innovative business-builders and nonprofit leaders, the dreamers and doers, the thinkers, the visionary world-changers, creators and catalysts. Folks who are having (or want to have) real impact in their organizations and their communities.

3. Connect.

People say that the real learning and the true value at most conferences come from the downtime, the unscheduled time, the time between the panels and sage-on-the-stage talks. We build those times into the program as a central part of the format. Leaders have told us they value having time to share their trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

We create a more intimate, immersive experience over the retreat than typical conferences. We have a full schedule, but we leave room to breathe, to think, and to connect.

4. Profound problem solving.

It’s not about cramming new ideas into your head, learning a new tactic or discovering a new resource. It’s about harnessing your inner and collective intelligence in an inspired setting to actually work through creative solutions to vexing challenges.

You will walk away with a personal and organizational action plan for your path forward.

5. Garrison Institute.

This all takes place in the inspired setting of one of the world's premier retreat centers. Garrison Institute offers a place of refuge that awakens the best in the human spirit through innovative experiences. The tranquil, park-like setting, the gardens, the gazebo on a bluff by the river, and the many walking paths together create a natural setting for contemplation, connection, and reflection.

6. Wisdom of our team.

Our team members have been long-time Social Venture Network members, founding B-corps, for-profit and nonprofit leaders who are equally adept at driving positive personal, social and environmental change as well as strong financial results.

These proven leaders love sharing their wisdom and experiences that have brought them success, and the meaningful lessons learned along the way.

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7. Preeminent partners.

Our partners mirror the breadth and depth of our participants and presenters.


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By Scott Tillit, Ajax Greene and Myriam Bouchard


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