The Story Behind the Coherence Collaborative 

We are blessed to be experiencing a long overdue economic revival in the Hudson Valley. Fortunately, many areas are booming such as food systems, the arts, outdoor recreation, tourism, and small scale tech, all leading sectors embracing deep social and environmental values.

With this climate as an inspiration, in the fall of 2015, four frequent collaborators realized they would be more powerful working together rather than as independent advisors. For about a year, there were many creative discussions about the business model, values, and goals for the new company. Two of this group emerged as primary principals, Myriam and myself, with the others becoming non-principal founding members of our growing team.

As the company came into being, we continued to brainstorm to find a name that would capture its essential values. One day, in a conversation over tea with a new economy/Buddhist friend, I used the sentence “What we need is a more coherent world.” At this moment, the name Coherence Collaborative was born.

Several days later, I was watching a video featuring John Hagelin, a prominent physicist and leader in the TM movement. He was discussing how meditation syncs the different parts of our brain and that from this function, we get coherence, and that from coherence, we get wisdom. I had another aha moment that lead to our tag line: Wisdom for Business. 

Most people believe the business world is in a state of intense upheaval. Radical change and really smart people helped get us there. Maybe it’s obvious, but we believe wisdom is a specific state of mind. It’s not just time spent on the planet that comes naturally with age and aging. It’s not just being smart. It’s a whole brain, wholehearted way of thinking deeply and creatively about the challenges facing your organization. We believe the solutions you need should come from a way of being that is all encompassing. They will come from wisdom.

We are a new company and our team is built on friendships, business collaborations, and professional relationships going back five, ten, and even twenty years. Some are active with the Social Venture Network, others are founders, board, staff and members of ReThink Local, and we have producers, speakers and panelists of the Social Venture Institute Hudson Valley. The breadth and depth of experience our team possesses is truly unique and unparalleled. 

The ten collaborators involved with the Coherence Collaborative offer Wisdom for Business, bringing to your organization a deeper solution.

We work deeper, experience the difference.    

By Ajax Greene