Theresa Lyn Widmann, ESQ

Conscious communications & Wellness advisor

From an early age, Theresa was imparted with a strong sense of justice and compassion which has guided her colorful life journey.

Inspired by the role the legal field played in driving the civil rights movement, Theresa pursued a career in Law and in 2000 began her legal career as an Assistant Prosecutor in one of the country’s most troubled cities, Newark, NJ. Her experience here left a lasting impression upon her about the many ways our society is failing the economically impoverished and in particular the children born into disadvantage. After leaving the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, she began practicing matrimonial law, feeling a greater sense of gratification in being able to assist women and children, who were often the ones to suffer most during divorce. When the firm she’d been working for dissolved, Theresa took an opportunity that was presented to her to grow her skills and education in the new and expanding field of legal technology.

Theresa quickly became an industry expert and frequent lecturer and Continuing Education provider, which paved the way for her role as a trusted advisor to her law firm clients. As a Sales Manager for an international legal software and services company, Tshe succeeded in leading a cohesive and dedicated team of sales professionals through her effective listening and nurturing management style. She was the Director of the New York City Chapter of Women in eDiscovery, facilitating space for women in the legal technology field to connect and expand their training and expertise.

In 2009, Theresa reconnected with her meditation practice and found herself wanting to find more meaning in her life and her work. More connected to her part-time community in the Hudson Valley, and wanting to help others, she became a leader with the arts and wellness mission driven non-profit organization, the O+ Festival. As Festival Director and Director of Operations she successfully built the foundation needed for the organization to hire its first full-time and part-time staff. Now, as Chair of the Board, she serves the organization by working with the Board and staff to help execute on its important health-focused mission.

Certified in Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing, she opened Anahata Yoga and Healing Arts in Kingston, NY where she now offers yoga and sound healing to the Hudson Valley and beyond. With her deep experience in the fast-paced corporate environment, she works with business leaders and professionals to help fold wellness into the workplace to benefit not only the employee but the corporate entity as a whole, incorporating various tools to inspire creativity, awaken productivity, aid with problem solving, reduce stress, and promote health and happiness in the workplace and at home.


Core Competencies

- Sales and Management
- Operations
- Conflict Resolution
- Mediation, Legal
- Conscious Communications
- Corporate Wellness
- Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Self-Care, Compassion
- Team-building
- Community Building

Interests and Activities

- Yoga
- Meditation
- Music
- Writing
- Reading
- Roller Skating
- Hiking
- Gardening
- Sewing
- Learning
- Thinking
- Growing
- Inspiring
- Traveling
- Uplifting Women & Communities