Scott Tillitt

Communicator & Social entrepreneur

Strategist, publicist, marketer, social entrepreneur, nonprofit leader. Scott has 20+ years of experience in various culture-shaping (and sometimes suffocating) worlds — advertising, media, interactive design, photography, technology, television, fashion... and social impact. 

Some years ago, catalyzed by 9/11 and a spiritual and social awakening, he broke the trance of a cynical consumer culture and started applying his corporate-honed skill to social impact. He has an insatiable interest in transforming failed systems, in big ideas and the behaviors that drive people, what resonates with them, and how to engage them. 

He managed media for the 2003 NY visit of the Dalai Lama, then founded Antidote Collective in 2004. He's since worked with dozens of innovative nonprofits, foundations, social entrepreneurs and thinkers at the intersection of progressive issues, media, conscious business and big ideas (on both US coasts and places in between, in Europe, and down under in Australia).

 2002 Scott spent a week in India with leading environmental and anti-globalization activist Vandana Shiva, fellow activist and editor Satish Kumar, Ela Gandhi (yes, that Gandhi — his granddaughter), and about a dozen others on a small research farm discussing Gandhi’s approach to nonviolence and personal and community self-sufficiency. It was a profound introduction to what we now call localism.

He also founded BEAHIVE (spaces for work and community collaboration), Re>Think Local (nonprofit localism collaborative), Social Venture Institute / Hudson Valley, and was a producer of TEDxLongDock.

Core Competencies

- Strategic communications
- Branding & messaging
- PR & publicity

- Learning experiences

Interests and Activities

- Social impact
- Longtime meditator (Vipassana) and yogi
- Travel
- Reading and writing
- Crafting messages
- Hiking
- Observing, learning, people-watching, acting the "flaneur"
- Igniting the mind, tickling the emotions, and stirring the soul