Diana Marie Lee  

DIversity inclusion & ORG. WELLNESS ADVISOR

Diana Marie Lee is an elder healing woman whose roots are African American and Cherokee Nation, from Tahlequah and Muskogee, Oklahoma. Diana grew up working class in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently lives a bi-coastal lifestyle with bases in Richmond, CA and Miami, FL. She loves nature, sunshine, dance, poetry, music, travel, family and laughter.

She has worked for almost thirty years to strengthen the leadership and systems capacity of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, including government agencies and philanthropic institutions to define and achieve their goals.

Through her business Sweet Livity LLC, Diana focuses on improving the effectiveness and sustainability of individuals and organizations that serve the community by blending healing practices into organizational development, community economic development, wellness retreats and leadership coaching programs. Her capacity-building specialties include:

Self-care: Support leaders to recover from and better manage stress. Learn to work in healthier, more productive ways. Help improve mental, emotional, spiritual, economic, and cultural well-being.

Community care: Support leaders to cooperate and resolve conflicts across teams, partnerships and intersecting identities of race, class, immigration, gender, sexuality, etc. Help work and community sites to develop healthier workplace cultures, which increase people’s engagement and wellbeing for sustainability and impact.

Organizational care: Support leaders to have greater impact in the vulnerable communities in which their organizations operate by reimagining and restructuring their business models to be more sustainable for workers, and to generate greater profits and impact. Helping leaders to cooperate with others for greater collective impact, including advocating to influence policy, and generate more equitable economic development in vulnerable communities.

Diana served as Vice President of Programs at the National Community Development Institute and managed technical support and training programs in diverse communities across the country for individuals, organizations, and neighborhood/ community projects. She is the Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors for the Highlander Center in Tennessee and currently partners with immigrant-led social justice groups across the country.

Core Competencies

- Her aim is always to make a lasting impact
- An experienced healer, activist, entrepreneur, and capacity builder.
- Over 26 years of experience building the capacity of organizations serving diverse vulnerable communities including immigrants and refugees, youth, elders, labor activists, farmers, poor and low income, people of color and children and adults with special healthcare needs.

Interests and Activities

- Preferred gender pronouns: she or they; hers or theirs.
- An intuitive coach who understands how to support leaders to work in diverse cultural contexts so that everyone, regardless of identity and background, can fully engage in the organizational or community work with their whole, authentic self.
- Her three core values are joy, diversity, and mutual reciprocity/interdependence.