Colette Ruoff, MBA  


Colette started out her career in financial services gaining experience financing middle market companies, motion pictures projects, and real estate projects as a Vice President of European American Bank and M&A financing at AIG as a Director of Investments. After earning an MBA in economics and international business and 11 years in financial service leadership positions, she realized her passion was more for people than for deal making and she left her position at AIG to find work that better matched her values.

In 1995, she launched her second career focused in Executive Training, initially in sales training and presentation skill training, with Communispond and McAlinden Associates.  After earning a certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy in 1998, she broadened her work into Leadership Development. She was hired by Lore International institute to train and coach Associates, Engagement Managers and Partners of McKinsey, the global consulting firm. Some of the leadership of Lore and McKinsey created a start up company called Exetor, and Colette was their first hire. She ran leadership development programs for WPP, Alliance Bernstein, Egon Zhender, and many other clients for Exetor from 2003-2009.

In 2006 she joined forces with a Belgian consultant, Andre Pelgrims, to launch a global change leadership program for Janssen Pharmaceuticals. This project grew to include virtually every department at Janssen and involved leadership and scientists at all levels of the organization. The aim was to create a truly innovative culture, which encouraged and supported risk taking within regulatory constraints. Largely successful, the program wrapped up in 2013 and is now continued in house.

Colette has been offering leadership coaching since 2007 when she was hired by Corporate Balance Concepts to work with Partners of Ernst & Young. This work has expanded to include the leadership of nonprofits organizations including the Robin Hood Foundation and the Blue Deer Center. She has also designed and delivered leadership training for Earthjustice, BALLE, and the Sacred Fire Foundation.

In 2103, Colette founded the nonprofit SageArts, which give elders an artistic way to share their life experience and wisdom with the community. The organization has grown quickly and has offered three community building events celebrating elders in the Hudson Valley to standing room only crowds. She continues to guide the organization as its Founding Director, a part time role.(

In 2016, Colette joined Enact Leadership, a California based Leadership Development consultancy, as their East Coast Senior Consultant and has begun to work with their clients: Lindt USA, Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Jet, Inc.

As a social entrepreneur, Colette aspires to share her deep leadership experience with leaders who which to truly embrace a creative, collaborative style. She can support Leaders who wish to balance the need to bring a vision, structure and strategy with the inclusion and empowerment of others to contribute meaningfully to build an organization that brings to life their cherished values. Colette is certified in an in depth, cutting edge tool for developing more conscious leadership called the Leadership Circle.