April Montana

Graphic Designer & UI/UX Expert

April is a Graphic Designer and User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) advisor with more than 15 years of industry experience. After working with some of the biggest education publishers in the world, she founded her company, Creative Edge, out of her desire to explore and be at the forefront of emerging technologies and design. 

UX is the end-to-end experience a customer has with a company. A technology product may start out as an amazing idea, but without a good user experience, even the greatest idea is unlikely to make much of an impact (and may even become a hindrance). People want to be able to use products easily, efficiently, and in some cases, joyfully. The paramount goal for a great user experience should be to make technology human—to enrich lives by making the experience so seamless, the technology is out of the way. Technology should not be the focus,b but rather the enabler for new discoveries, education, deeper relationships, more efficient workplaces, accessibility, creativity, and overall richer lives.

On larger projects, April is joined by a trusted network of hand-picked industry experts who are driven by innovation, creativity, and the desire to work with like-minded people. She especially enjoys working on new initiatives and partnering with clients to get them off the ground as well as analyzing clients’ current products to maximize effectiveness and engagement. Combining creative problem solving, technology, accessibility, and project management, she designs solutions that assist clients in defining their project goals, determining their options, and managing the project delivery.

She has helped launch startup companies as well as developed first-to market technologies for global industry leaders and small business owners alike. Her team has built technologies that are localized in 18 languages with more than 40 million users. They have extensive experience in social media, featuring a podcast with more than 12.5 million downloads, 1.7 million YouTube views, and that is consistently in iTunes’ top ten education products.

She deeply believes creative problem solving and design sensibilities do not have to be an afterthought. Done well, they will create a bigger and lasting impact for your organization.


Core Competencies

- User Experience
- User Interface Design
- Graphic Design
- Visual Branding
- Photography & Videography

Interests and Activities

- Rock & Ice Climbing
- Skiing
- Hiking
- Theater
- Blues Music
- Creating Something from Nothing