Ajax Greene  

Principal & Co-founder

Ajax is a serial social entrepreneur, a triple bottom line and localist evangelist, a trusted generalist business advisor and a master connector.

Career Highlights

- Grew a Healthcare company from $7.5 to $15 Million in revenue while more than doubling profits
Lead a team of 60

- Personally generated 70% of a startup manufacturer’s revenue
Founder of a Certified B Corporation and a founding NYS Benefit Corporation

- Experienced entrepreneur with start-ups and turnarounds
Proven team leader and mentor
Frequent appearances in local and national media

- Dynamic sought-after public speaker
Initiator of many major industry changing innovations
Executive balanced living, mindfulness and wellness expert

Founder and initial leader of innovative “Localist/New Economy” non-profit advocacy organization
Award winning marketing plans
Successful facilitator of joint ventures and collaborations
- E
xperienced in public policy lobbying at the local, state and federal levels
Expert at supporting and advising Client Company founders development
Provided leadership during management transitions
- Active on social media


Core Competencies

- Founder advising
- Public speaking / workshop leader
- Creativity and innovation solutions
- New business models

Interests and Activities

- A former world class rock climber and adventure athlete who remains active till this day with over 100 first ascents and first free ascents in twelve US states and in two countries on two different continents. He is also an avid hiker, biker, and skier.

- A daily (usually twice) meditator since December 4, 1980 in addition to an active several days a week yoga practice and daily mindfulness practice.

- When it comes to your work, Ajax is very serious, but he always brings his legendary sense of humor to lighten the load of any project.