We seek global coherence.


We guide organizations and individuals in achieving wisdom-based results.

Our Values


We seek to be our very best – we commit to accomplish the goals we establish in partnership with our clients by using all our focus and energy.

Multi-Stakeholder Model

We value organizations that engage their clients, employees, vendors, investors, management, the communities where they live and work, and put equal emphasis on its people, the planet, and prosperity.

Financial Sustainability

By being profitable, we are sustainable as a business and can achieve the goal of providing philanthropy to organizations we are passionate about. Only if we and our clients thrive as businesses will we make progress on our values. 


Utilizing our forward-thinking and cutting-edge work processes, we commit to achieving important, tangible, and useful results.


We believe diversity is healthy for all organizations.


Our purpose is to bring wisdom-based public policy activism to the organizations we serve.

Our corporate entity is both a founding NYS benefit corporation and a founding certified B Corporation by B-lab.

Our current commitment to philanthropy is to donate 2% of our gross income to social and environmental organizations. 

Our domain name is hosted by Canvas Host using 100% wind energy.

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